The University of Defense has intensive inter-university cooperation with numerous institutions from abroad. Agreements and protocols on cooperation, as well as memoranda of understanding were signed with:
  • University of Banja Luka, Bosnia and Herzegovina,
  • University of East Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina,
  • University of Defense of the Czech Republic in Brno,
  • Vasil Levski National Military University from Veliko Turnovo, Republic of Bulgaria,
  • The Academy of National Defense "Mr. S. Rakovski ”, Republic of Bulgaria,
  • University of Maribor, Republic of Slovenia,
  • Academy of the Armed Forces of the Slovak Republic "General Milan Ratislav Štefanik",
  • University of National Defense of the Republic of Poland,
  • University of Rijeka, Republic of Croatia,
  • "Carol I" National Defense University in Bucharest, Republic of Romania and
  • National Defense Academy of Austria, Republic of Austria.
Also, the University of Defense is developing cooperation with a large number of domestic educational institutions:
  • University of Belgrade,
  • University of Niš,
  • University of Novi Sad,
  • University of Kragujevac,
  • University of Arts in Belgrade and
  • State University in Novi Pazar.