Quality Assurance Commission

In order to ensure quality in the adoption and implementation of the strategy, standards and procedures for quality assurance within the University of Defense, a Quality Assurance Commission is formed. The Commission has nine members, six members (two members from each educational and scientific field) who are elected from the teaching staff of the University, at the proposal of higher education units, two members who are elected from the cadet pool, at the proposal of the University Cadet Parliament and one member elected from non-teaching staff.

The Commission prepares a proposal for the Quality Assurance Strategy and develops action plans for the implementation of the Strategy, promotes building of a culture of quality at the University, prepares a proposal for improving standards, procedures and methods of quality control, in accordance with the standards of the National Council for Higher Education. quality control, according to the annual work plan, reviews reports on regular self-evaluation of the University and gives its opinion, reports to the Senate on the situation in the field of quality at least once a year, proposes, if necessary, extraordinary self-evaluation in certain areas, proposes external quality control and provides expert assistance in the preparation of documentation for accreditation before the competent authority, monitors the implementation of the Strategy, standards and procedures for quality assurance and proposes measures to eliminate identified weaknesses, in order to improve quality, forms working bodies, adopts general acts within its competence, gives opinion and recommendations, performs other tasks of importance for the improvement and development of the quality of study programs, teaching and working conditions.