Types and levels of study

Academic studies enable cadets to develop and apply scientific and professional knowledge. According to the level of studies, there are: Undergraduate Academic Studies - first level; Master's Academic Studies and Specialist Academic Studies - second level and Doctoral Academic Studies - third level.

Undergraduate Academic Studies carry beween 180 to 240 ECTS depending on the duration of studies (three or four years), and Master's Academic Studies carry a minimum of 60 ECTS, when the number of ECTS from the Undergraduate Studies is 240, or 120 ECTS when that number is 180 ECTS. Specialist Academic Studies carry at least 60 ECTS following previously completed Master's Academic Studies. Doctoral Academic Studies carry at least 180 ECTS, provided that the previous overall number of ECTS from Undergraduate and Master's Academic Studies is 300.

The law allows for the possibility that study programs in medical sciences can be organized in an integrated manner within Undergraduate and Master's Academic Studies. In that case, the overall number is 360 ECTS.

The Military Academy offers study programs at Undergraduate, Master's and Doctoral Academic Studies in the field of social sciences, humanities, technical-technological and natural-mathematical sciences, as well as study programs within interdisciplinary, multidisciplinary and transdisciplinary studies. The military training of cadets, Basic Command-Staff Course, and scientific research work are also the jurisdiction of the Military Academy, as well as two joint study programs: Military Industrial Engineering - Undergraduate and Master's Academic Studies with the Faculty of Engineering, University of Kragujevac and Mechatronics on Motor Vehicles - Master's Academic Studies with the State University in Novi Pazar.

The Medical Faculty of the Military Medical Academy provides Integrated Academic Studies, Specialist Academic Studies and Doctoral Academic Studies.