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Working visit to Novi Sad University

30. 09. 2011

Working visit to Novi Sad University


Working visit to Novi Sad University

Rector of the University of Defence, Major General Prof Dr Midrag Jeftić, with his associates, visited the University of Novi Sad on 28th December, 2011.

 Rector of the University of Novi Sad, Prof Dr Milorad Vesković, accompanied by his closest associates, informed the guests about the organization and work of the University. During the talks, Prof Vesković emphasized the significance of the integrative function of universities in terms of creating favourable conditions for development of each faculty and improvement of scientific and research work, as he stressed the importance of developing science in accordance with the needs of society and market demands. 

The working meeting between the top officials of the University of Defence and the University of Novi Sad was held in a constructive and friendly atmosphere. The hosts explained some problems that they were facing in their everyday work and outlined the vision they wanted to realize. The talks especially focused on the issues of sustainable development and raising of quality standards at both Universities. The host particularly pointed to the significance of establishment of Quality Centre, Education Centre, Applied Statistics Centre, and Centre of Interdisciplinary and Multidisciplinary Studies 

The University officials are especially concerned with providing young scientists with flats, thus contributing to strengthening of human resources at the University. We could see that the University of Novi Sad was strongly supported in performing their activities by the City of Novi Sad and the Autonomous Province authorities.  

During out talks we noticed that intensive interuniversity and international cooperation had contributed to the high quality of university work. This cooperation resulted in great number of scientific and research projects and improvement of teaching process, while creating an atmosphere that is conducive to development of young researchers.  

We were also given the opportunity to see some of the laboratory installations, where superb results of national and regional importance had been achieved, and with IT support at the University.

Rector of the University of Defence Prof Dr Jeftić expressed his great pleasure to be given the opportunity to gain an insight into activities of the University of Novi Sad from different perspectives, arguing for the necessity of establishing and developing mutual cooperation through engagement of teachers and scientific and research work to the interest of both parties. He also expressed his gratitude to Rector Vesković for the support to our University in Conference of Universities of Serbia (KONUS) and for advice and invitations to join the regional university associations, where the University of Novi Sad had already secured a respectable position.

The representatives of our University stated their willingness to share experiences with their colleagues from Novi Sad in the areas of higher education where we have considerable experience, such as, for example, lifelong education.

At the end of the visit, a plan of the future activities in which representatives of both Universities would take part was made. 

The University of Defence continues its intensive activities aimed at establishing and fostering interuniversity cooperation at both national and international level. Preparations for official working visits to Belgrade University and the University of Defence in Brno, Czech Republic, are under way. 




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