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28. 02. 2012

On 24th February 2012, a session of the Rector Council of the Conference of the Serbian Universities (KONUS), marking the occasion of the Day of the University of Defence, was held in the Rectorate of the University of Defence.

Chair of the Conference of the Serbian Universities Rector of the University of Belgrade Prof Dr Branko Kovačević opened the session by congratulating the anniversary and pointing out that today the University of Defence is an amalgam of traditions and responses to the actual needs of the contemporary state and armed forces.

In an atmosphere of celebration Rector of the University of Defence Lieutenant General Prof Dr Miodrag Jeftić wished a warm welcome to all the rectors and expressed his gratitude for the support provided by the whole academic community of Serbia. He especially thanked to Prof Dr Branko Kovačević, Rector of the University of Belgrade, and Prof Dr Slobodan Arsenijević, Rector of the University of Kragujevac.


Rector of the University of Defence informed that he had signed an agreement on technical and business cooperation with General Prof Dr Rudolf Urban just before the session. The Agreement formalizes a lasting cooperation between the University of Defence in Belgrade and the University of Defence of the Czech Republic in Brno and specifies the forms of the future cooperation between the two universities.  

Speaking about the significance of the first anniversary of the establishment of the Belgrade University of Defence, Rector of the University of Defence emphasized the historical background of 160 year long tradition of military education on which the University of Defence rests. In his address he also stressed that the establishment of this institution of higher military education made it possible to integrate and functionally unify educational and research potentials of the Military Academy and the Military Medical Academy.

In addition, Rector presented 21 accredited study programmes and available capacities and potentials of the University of Defence stressing the fact that the accreditation of another two research institutions of the Ministry of Defence is in progress. 


At the end of his address Lieutenant General Prof Dr Miodrag Jeftić restated the openness of the University of Defence to all other universities and invited for an all-round cooperation at all levels from development of joint study programmes, the mobility of teachers and students, to use of  laboratories and existing capacities for research and scientific purposes.

After the session, the KONUS members were shown around a part of the University of Defence and visited the Military Academy, where they saw the presentation of an exercise at the Simulation Centre and visited the armament and military equipment classroom where teaching and training of cadets and students is conducted.




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