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27. 12. 2011

The Fifth Meeting of the MoD and SAF Analytical Group for the analysis of the implementation of the National Action Plan for the implementation of UN Security Council Resolution 1325, which affirms the place and role of women in the security sector and management of gender-responsible human resources policy, has been held in the Rector’s Office of the University of Defence today.

The Rector of the University of Defence, Major General Miodrag Jevtić, PhD, welcomed the members of the Analytical group, expressing satisfaction that today's meeting, summarizing the results of previous work and making plans for future activities, is being held at the University of Defence, as an institution that, through the system of military education and training, should set the cornerstone and profile a system of values of future officers, where gender equality should have an important place.

- At our universities, at the Military Academy and the Military Medical Academy, female cadets who opted for the military profession are educated today. They achieve outstanding results preparing for what had for centuries been considered a typically male profession in the Serbian military tradition and code of values. Achieving such results, they show by example and deed that they are equal, but above all highly motivated to perform all duties and obligations set before them by not an easy military profession. Under the auspices of our University, future commanders, pilots, infantrymen, gunners, military diplomats, engineers and doctors, both males and females, are growing up. As part of the defence system, all necessary conditions for gender equality in this area have been created and thus, respecting the imperatives of the modern era and civilization we belong to, we have showed once again that we can keep up with the world and time. We will persevere on this path – General Jevtić said.  

He stressed that the University of Defense will provide full support to the Analytical group and all activities related to improving the implementation of the National Action Plan within the scope of competence of the Ministry of Defense and the Armed Forces of Serbia.

- I am familiar with your past activities and support your work. I know that the members of this Group gave a decisive contribution to the development of the National Action Plan for implementation of the Resolution adopted by the Government of our country. However, these are only first steps on the long road. The Ministry of Defence is in charge of the activity at the level of the entire security sector. We set the goal and climb toward it. The ultimate success will be achieved when these matters are not so much talked about, but fully implemented in our daily life and work – said the Rector of the University of Defence of Serbia.

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