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Research and scientific work at the University of Defence

23. 09. 2011

Research and scientific work at the University of Defence

The topic of the meeting held on 20th September 2011 was organization of research and scientific work at the University of Defence. In addition to the members of the University Rectorate Collegium, the meeting was attended by Dean of the Medical Faculty of the Military Medical Academy, Academician Colonel Prof Dr Miodrag Čolić, Chief of the Education and Scientific and Research Work  Section of the Military Medical Academy Colonel Prof Dr Predrag Romić, Vice Dean for Teaching Process of the Military Academy Colonel Prof Dr Boban Đorović and representatives of the  Strategic Planning Department of the Defence Policy Sector Colonel Dragan Tatomir and Colonel Dr Obrad Čabarkapa.

University Rector Major General Prof Dr Miodrag Jevtić opened the meeting, emphasizing the legal obligations of the University with respect to the development of scientific and research work, which is inseparable from the process of higher education. He also stressed the potential for the advancement of this area which, in the previous period, was inducing dissatisfation with the achieved level of development, given the fragmentation and malfunctioning  of the existing research capabilities.

Vice Dean for Research and Scientific Work Prof Dr Mirjana Životić Vanović presented a proposal for organization of research and scientific work, which was based on a comprehensive approach to planning, implementation monitoring and evaluation of research results at the units of higer education of the University, acccording to uniform criteria to be discussed and adopted by the University Senate. In addition to these projects, the memebers of the University, as acredited scientific and research organizations, would apply for research funds provided by the Ministry of Science. The Cadet Research Centre would get the central position in organization of scientific and research work at the University, as the backbone of the programme of the development of young researchers. This programme would be the best option in an attempt to strenghten other military research and scientific intsitutions and provide conditions for their accreditation.   

The meeting participants expressed their positive impressions regarding the proposal and agreed that, in the following period, it should be elaborated and extended to create conditions and tools for its implementation.   


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