Meeting of University of Defence Cadet Parliament and Vice-Rectors

22. 03. 2012

This meeting was held at the initiative of Lance Corporal Vladimir Timotijević, Cadet Vice Rector, and cadet corporal Viktor Vereš, Chairman of the UoD Cadet Parliament.
At the beginning of the meeting cadet corporal Viktor Vereš, Chairman of the Cadet Parliament, informed the Vice Rectors and all Members of the Cadet Parliament attending the meeting on the meeting of the University Conference of Serbia (SKONUS) held in Kragujevac on 17th March 2012, where the cadets of the University of Defence in Belgrade were admitted to full membership. The delegate of the University of Defence to the SKONUS assembly is cadet corporal Viktor Vereš.   
During the discussion between the Members of the Cadet Parliament and Vice-Rectors, the cadets of both units of higher education raised several issues that if solved, in their opinion, may contribute significantly to improving conditions for studies, increase chances for their successful completion and ensure acquisition of the required competences. Although the focus of the discussion was the quality of teaching process, some issues relating to the life and work conditions were not avoided.  It was agreed that those issues should be dealt with primarily at the level of the Cadet Parliaments of the units of higher education.    
All the issues concerning the quality of the teaching process and pedagogical work at the University will be given due attention, and an initiative for solving them will be launched in order to ensure the improvement of the quality standards and procedures in higher military education at the University. On this occasion, the cadets expressed their willingness to participate not only in the searching of adequate solutions for the issues raised at this meeting but also in their implementation.  

The Vice Rectors suggested that in the upcoming period the cadets should be better organized within the framework of their parliaments so that their initiatives may be more effective and thus better promote the purposes for which they were established. In addition, the cadets were advised to take a more active role in the work of university bodies in which they participate, since there they could raise a range of questions related to the quality of their studies. 

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