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University of Defence Quality Assurance Committee Established

21. 12. 2011

The first session of the Quality Assurance Committee of the University of Defence was held in the Rectorate on 20.12.2011.

After greeting the participants, Rector of the University Major General Prof. Dr. Miodrag Jeftić stated that the process of constituting the University of Defence was being brought to an end. He stressed the importance of establishing the Quality Assurance Committee, explaining that this body was responsible for building a culture of quality at the University of Defence by ensuring quality in creating and implementing the strategy, standards and procedures for quality assurance.  

He especially emphasized that all those present were members of the Quality Assurance Committee of the University, so that they should not represent the interest of only one units of higher education, but they had to work on protecting and strengthening of quality at the whole of the University of Defence. In this line and based on the Statute of the University of Defence, Rector reminded the participants of the authorities and obligations of the Quality Assurance Committee. He also stressed that everyone at the University was taking part in a very important stage of the development of the defence system higher education process. 

Closing his opening address, Rector expressed his satisfaction with the presence of cadets, along with officers and military servant, at this session. He said that the cadets’ participation in professional bodies added a special quality to the processes of defence system reforms.

Within the framework of the adopted agenda, the proposals by the Teaching and Scientific Councils of the Military Academy and the Military Medical Academy regarding appointment of the Quality Assurance Committee members were verified. The members are:




1.      Colonel Assistant Professor Dr.  Nikola Lekić from the Military Academy

2.      Colonel Assistant Professor Dr. Samed Karović  from the Military Academy

3.      Lt Colonel Uroš Domazet from the Military Academy

4.      Major Assistant Professor Dr. Slavko Muždeka  from the Military Academy

5.      Military servant Full Professor Dr.  Maja Šurbatović from the Faculty of Medicine of the MMA

6.      Military servant Associate Professor Dr. Željko Špirić  from the Faculty of Medicine of the MMA

7.      Military servant Assistant Professor Dr. Ksenija Đurić from the Military Academy

8.      Cadet  Jelena Šulić from the Military Academy

9.      Cadet Monika Macak from the Faculty of Medicine of the MMA

This decision was adopted unanimously by the University Senate at its constituting session of 09.12.2011.

Rector informed that, on his proposal, the University Senate had unanimously made the decision to appoint Colonel Assistant Teacher Dr. Nikola Lekić from the Military Academy President of the Quality Assurance Committee, and MS Prof. Dr. Maja Šurbatović from the Faculty of Medicine of the MMA his deputy. Rector congratulated those who had been elected expressing his expectations that they would contribute to strengthening of the system of higher education of the units where they worked and, thus, of the University of Defence as a whole.

The Quality Assurance Committee is made up of nine members, among them - one is from the non-teaching staff, and two from the cadet ranks. They are appointed for a three-year term, except the cadets whose term ends in one year. 

During the session, the draft of the Rules of Procedures of the Quality Assurance Committee of the University of Defence was discussed and then unanimously adopted.


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