University of Defence Senate Held Third Session

07. 02. 2012


On 02.02.2012, the Senate held its third regular session in the Rectorate of the University of Defence.  The session was chaired by Rector of the University of Defence Major General Prof. Dr. Miodrag Jeftić. 

At the beginning, Rector of the University of Defence informed the Senate members on the constituting session of the Council of the University of Defence, held on 31.01.2012, pointing that the process of establishing bodies of the University of Defence had been completed by that act.

After a short discussion, the drafts of University general acts, created by the working group consisting of the members of the Rectorate and both units of higher education, were adopted. The Senate members also passed six rule books relating to quality assurance area: Rule Book on quality assurance, Rule Book on self-assessment, Rule Book on study quality assessment and teacher evaluation by cadets/students, Rule Book on conducting examinations and grading of students on examinations, Rule Book on the mode, procedure and conditions for obtaining the title of a teacher, and Rule Books on procedure and conditions for granting titles and rights to persons elected for the title of professor emeritus. Since the rule books discussed during this session have to do, inter alias, with the quality of the teaching process, Cadet Vice-Rector Vladimir Timotijević was also present at the session.

In addition to those rule books, the Senate adopted the Report on Operations and Annual Accounts of the University of Defence for 2011 and the Financial Plan of the University of Defence for 2012.

In this session, a Report of the Committee on the justification of the initiative for awarding an honorary doctoral degree of the University of Defence to retired Brigadier General Prof. Dr. Rudolf Urban, Rector of the University of Defence in the Czech Republic, was also adopted. The honorary doctorate will be awarded to him on the Day of the University 24.02.2012.



As for granting the title of professor emeritus at the University of Defence, the Senate made its decision that in 2012 one title of professor emeritus could be granted by this University.

During the session the Senate members were informed on the future activities of the University of Defence aimed at creation of University general acts to be adopted by the University Senate in the following period.


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