First session of Professional Council of Engineering and Technology Sciences

02. 04. 2012

The first session of the Professional Council of Engineering and Technology Sciences was held at 11.00 hrs on 29th March 2012, in hall 105 of the Rectorate of the University of Defence. The session had been scheduled in accordance with the Statute of the University of Defence after the constitutive session held on 24th January 2012.   

The Professional Councils are formed for the purpose of performing specific tasks relating to the corresponding scientific and professional areas within educational-scientific fields. The Professional Council of Engineering and Technology Sciences has the total number of seven members and is responsible for giving opinions and making proposals related to the field of science and mathematics, engineering and technology and interdisciplinary sciences within the University of Defence. These fields are mostly studied at the Military Academy.

Major General Associate Professor Dr Mladen Vuruna chaired the session.

After a welcoming address the Chairman of the Professional Council read the agenda proposed for the session and it was then unanimously adopted. After that, the Minutes of constitutive session were also adopted.

During most of the session, proposals for members of teachers’ appointment and re-appointment committees, with respect to the announcement published in magazine “Odbrana” on 1st March 2012, were discussed.   

All participants in the session took part in the discussion and they decided that the committees should also include teachers and researchers that do not work at the University of Defence. The importance of implementation of the provisions of the University of Defence Statute was stressed in the light of the necessity to ensure the required level of the quality of the education at the Military Academy and the University of Defence as a whole. 

Major General Mladen Vuruna pointed out that the engagement of professors and researchers from other universities in the committees for teachers’ appointments at the MA would result in a considerable improvement of the quality of the teaching process and higher credibility of the institution of higher education.



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