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Session of University of Defence Senate

02. 03. 2012

The fourth regular session of the Senate, chaired by Rector of the University of Defence Lieutenant General Prof Dr Miodrag Jeftić, was held in the Rectorate on 01.03.2012.

Along with all other members of the Senate the session was attended by Cadet Vice Rector Vladimir Timotijević.

General Jeftić used the opportunity to state how pleased he was to see that all the members of the most important professional body were closely monitoring the work of the Senate giving their constructive opinions and taking initiatives to contribute to the creation of general acts that may be appropriate to such an institution.    

At the beginning of the session, Minutes of Meeting from the third session of the University of Defence held on 2nd February 2012 were adopted. Then, the concept of quality assurance of military higher education at the University of Defence was presented to the members through the quality assurance strategy involving normative acts, actors, system, standards, procedures and measures.

Based on a number of suggestions and discussions during the session, the drafts of general acts of the University were adopted so that the Senate members unanimously voted for the Rule Book on adopting study programmes and the Criteria on acquiring the title of a teacher at the University of Defence that will come in force on the eighth day after announcement in the Official Military Gazette, while their implementation will start from 01.10.2012.  

The decision on the manner of defining the tuition fee at the University of Defence was also passed and the report is scheduled for the next session of the Senate.

Rector of the University recalled the University anniversary that had been recently marked and the session of the Conference of the Serbian Universities (KONUS) celebrating the occasion held in the Rectorate of the University of Defence. General especially emphasized the meeting held on 29th February which was attended by the Chairperson of the Student Conference of the Serbian Universities (SKONUS) and his associates focusing on the positioning of cadets in that organization.   

General Jeftić concluded that it is important that the Senate should recognize the interest of the system and University which ought to provide strong support to the units of higher education and that such activities will be further developed and upgraded.

At the end of the session General took the opportunity to congratulate on the Day of the Military Academy 2nd March and the Day of the Military Academy 18th March.

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