Council of University of Defence Constituted

01. 02. 2012

A constituting session of the Council was held in the Rectorate of the University of Defence on 31.01.2012. During the session, the appointment of the members was verified and the chair and deputy chair were elected. After formation of the Council, the Interim Council of the University of Defence ceased to exist. At the same time, the formation of the Council marks the end of the process of constituting all the bodies prescribed by the Statute of the University of Defence. 

Dr. Slobodan Arsenijević, Chair of the Interim Council of the University of Defence, opened the session and chaired it until the appointment of new officials.

In his opening address, Rector of the University of Defence, Major General Prof. Dr. Miodrag Jevtić stressed that, although the youngest university in Serbia, the University of Defence “has made an ambitious start, fully supported by the defence system and the academic community of our country”. Rector added that “our University fulfils its obligations arising from its regular membership in the Conference of Universities of the Republic of Serbia (KONUS). However, we differ from other universities because our work is monitored by the Ministry of Defence and we are directly subordinate to the Minister of Defence”. He also pointed out that ten study programmes at all levels had been accredited so far. Rector reminded those present that election for teaching profession, scientific and research work and career development were the main integrative functions that had been recognized, and focused on the Advanced Security and Defence Studies designed to profile prospective leaders in the field. At the end of his address Rector thanked the chair of the Interim University Council Prof. Dr Slobodan Arsenijević, Rector of the University of Kragujevac, and other members of the Interim University Council, for their effort and great help in the process of constitution of the University of Defence.  

At the beginning of the session, the appointment of 12 Council members was verified. The appointment of another two members, who were absent due to other commitments, and three members delegated by our founder, the Government of Serbia, will be verified in the next session. The Rules of Procedures of the Council of the University of Defence, which is fully harmonized with the Statute, was unanimously adopted. In an academic atmosphere, and in accordance with the Rules of Procedures, the members of the Council of the University of Defence who were present at the session elected the brigadier general, associate professor Dr. Bojan Zrnić, Eng., for the chair, and brigadier general, assistant professor Dr. Miodrag Gordić for his deputy.   



The incoming chair, brigadier general Bojan Zrnić thanked other members of the Council on the trust placed in him and stressed that it would be a great challenge for him and all other members. He pointed to the significant role of the Council in preservation and further development of the University of Defence, which, in his words, as an important and very ambitious state project, is to become relevant institution both within the country and in the region in the following period.









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