Visit from the delegation of Belarus to the University of Defence

05. 12. 2018

Major General Goran Radovanović, Rector of the University of Defence, received a three-member delegation of the Belarusian Military Academy led by Major General Viktor Aleksandrovich Lisovsky. 
At the meeting, they talked about sharing experience among lecturers from the two higher education institutions, organisation of a round table to discuss concrete security challenges, exchange of students and intellectual cadre, and about  internship of professors in the scientific institutions of both countries.
General Radovanović presented organizational units within the University of Defence, in particular the MMA Medical Faculty and the School of National Defence, as the delegation from the Belarusian Military Academy visited the Military Academy yesterday.
General Lisovsky stressed that armed forces of the Republic of Belarus are marking this year a centenary of the existence, and next year, 25 years since the founding of the Republic of Belarus will be marked.
This is the second visit from the delegation of the Belarusian Military Academy since 2015 when a memorandum of cooperation between Serbia and Belarus was signed. The result of this agreement are mutual visits and joint exercises of the armed forces, such as the “Slavic Brotherhood”.
At the end of the meeting, General Radovanović presented a plaque of the University of Defence to General Lisovsky, who invited the Rector of the Defence University to visit the Belarusian Military Academy.
During the visit, the delegation of Belarus visited part of the facilities of the University of Defence.

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