The Military Academy Day Observed

16. 03. 2018

Minister of Defence Aleksandar Vulin and Chief of General Staff of the Serbian Armed Forces General Ljubisa Diković have attended today a ceremony marking the Military Academy Day - 18th March, in the Ceremonial Hall of the Military Academy.
According to Minister Vulin, the history of our people is a history of frantic and persistent struggle for freedom - stubborn, often unpredictable, and successful over every hope.
- The great nations, like the Serbs, often have the ability to perceive freedom as something that is given once and for all, accustomed to its existence, forever free, ready to fight for freedom. And as such, they sometimes forget that they have to fight for freedom every day, every second, every hour, by every part of their being, both in the past and in their own future, because nothing on planet Earth has been given for ever and has not been given free of charge. The history of the Military Academy is a history of persistent preparations to fight for freedom and to defend freedom, Minister Vulin pointed out.
He added that the Military Academy, besides knowledge, also gave itself the task also to create people who, in the difficult and hardest times, will be with and ahead of its own people.
- The Military Academy, the Serbian Armed Forces, is nothing else but a continuous list and a set of people who were ready and are ready to offer their lives and help their own people in the most difficult moment when asking the answer for which you, gentlemen professors, are teaching your pupils, the toughest answer that in the toughest moment and times for one's people, “freedom for nothing” is said. The Military Academy and all those who passed through it for centuries have created generations of unquestionable, persistent fighters; the fighters whose knowledge was not an end in itself, but it served to repay and give back to the people when necessary, the Minister of Defence said.
Minister Vulin told those who are studying for a profession that is not only an occupation "but a lifetime mission" that they are not here to remember only the past, no matter how big and famous, but they are here to create future.
- You are our greatest hope, not because in a difficult and too difficult time you will match up with your ancestors, but because in a difficult and too difficult time you will be ahead of your ancestors with your knowledge, courage and fightingness. The hope of our people is not to repeat what the generations did before us, but the hope, success and victory of our people is only to be better than we were. Therefore, the hope of our people is always with you, Minister Vulin said, and said "this is a land of free people, and you are an army that protects freedom".
On the occasion of the Day of that higher-education military establishment, the "Military Academy Plaque" was handed over to the Minister of Defence Aleksandar Vulin.
Commandant of the Military Academy, Colonel Miroslav Talijan, extending congratulations on the Day of that institution, stressed that the military academy will be proudly and consistently testifying about the works of modern times, when it comes to military education, which will, as before, with its educational, pedagogical and scientific work keep the position of a regional leader of military thought and practice, and remain the most important promoter of the officer's call.
- Heading towards that achievement, let us have an axiom - when something is good, why could not it be even better, Colonel Talijan said, adding that the Military Academy expects further integration of academic potentials and even more rational use of available resources while providing the most important academic standards and introducing modern methods for knowledge improvement.
The most successful teachers and cadets received letters of gratitude and recognition, and the institutions and individuals with whom the Military Academy successfully cooperated during the past year were given letters of gratitude.
The Military Academy was also spoken about by cadets Jovana Stokanović and Slavko Ćurčić, who recommended young people to enroll in that higher-education military establishment. Jovana stressed that she was glad to finish the Academy soon, but at the same time regretting "because a good experience has come to an end." Slavko invited all interested parties to come every Saturday to the Open Day of the Military Academy to find out what the life and education of the cadets looks like.
Representatives of the Ministry of Defence and the Serbian Armed Forces, professors and associates of the University of Defence, as well as numerous associates and friends of the Military Academy attended the ceremony.

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