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Working visit of the University of Defence University in Kragujevac

12. 05. 2011

Working visit of the delegation of the University of Defence to the University of Kragujevac was carried out on 12th May 2011. The delegation of the University of Defence consisted of: Colonel Jan Marcek, Prof, PhD, Prof Mirjana Vanovic-Zivotic, PhD, Colonel Goran Dikic, PhD, and Colonel Slobodan Kisic. The Rector of the University of Kragujevac, Prof Slobodan Arsenijevic, with his associates received the delegation. The goal of this visit was getting to know the organization and the way of functioning of the University, as well as the normative provisions needed for work of this higher education institution. The most time during the visit delegation spent in an interactive communication with their hosts regarding issues of interest to the functioning of the emerging University of Defence, especially to the professional bodies of the University.  The Rector of Kragujevac University briefed on the organizational structure of the University, which consists of six faculties in Kragujevac and six faculties in other cities of Serbia, mostly in Sumadija region. Among those faculties he emphasized two of them, Medical Faculty of Kragujevac and Faculty of Science of Kragujevac, which had made considerable progress in their work.    

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