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28. 04. 2011

Director of the U.S. Navy Medical Corps, Rear Admiral William M. Roberts, accompanied by U.S. Military Attaché Colonel P. Brocen, today have visited the University of Defence, where the Rector of the University, Major-General Miodrag Jeftic, Prof, PhD, received them. On that occasion, General Jeftic talked about the organization of the University, as well as about plans for its further development. General Jeftic expressed gratitude for the visit, and emphasized that it was the first visit of a U.S. high commissioner and stressed the importance of it. The Rector pointed out that the University of Defence has a specific, autonomous position, where the educational process is carried out at three levels and in three fields, as well as that the scientific-research activities are realized through the basic, developmental and applied research. Moreover, the Rector said that, during the process of University formation, we had taken the most relevant experiences from Europe and the world and that we had mostly applied the model of the Czech University, although some experiences from other countries, such as Republic of Hungary, Kingdom of Belgium, etc. had been also taken.

General Roberts expressed gratitude for the reception and emphasized that he was gratified to see a doctor filling the post of Rector, wishing him success in performing his duty.  He made inquiries about the fields in which the PhD studies would be realized and stressed the resemblance of that field to the one in U.S. General Roberts showed interest in intensification of cooperation, especially if it may enable integration by branches/ arms. He said there is a joint medical program Land Forces/ Navy accredited at the Nebraska University (3 years – bachelor) with 2 additional years in San Diego (master). After graduation, students get a commission, and the best ones are kept in active service.

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