Rules of Studying


A cadet, i.e. a student whose studies are financed out of the Ministry of Defence budget, chooses as many modules as he/she needs to collect minimum 60 ECTS credits. A student dependent on his own budget chooses, in accordance with the study programme, as many modules as he/she needs to collect 37 ECTS credits. By passing an examination, the cadet or student obtains a specific number of ECTS credits, as foreseen in the study programme. The cadet who fails to pass an examination in a compulsory module until the beginning of the following academic year loses the right to continue the studies. A cadet of a unit of higher education, who due to illness or other justifiable reasons fails to pass the specific examinations in the current year, can repeat that year, in accordance with the general documents of the higher education units. The cadet who is denied the right stated in item 1 of this article, may register, in accordance with the provisions of the Statute of the higher education unit, for the next academic year in a younger class after passing the remaining examinations.  

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