Lifelong education

The University may, on its own or in collaboration with other institutions of higher education, deliver development programmes that go beyond the framework of the study programmes, provided that it is licensed to do that. The development programmes are established by the Senate at the proposal of the Faculty Council. The development programmes are implemented in the form of courses, seminars, workshops, professional and scientific consultations and other forms of development which provide the participants in the programme stated in item 1 of this article with possibility to get to know specific fields of their profession and sciences for the purpose of deepening and widening the acquired knowledge and its successful application in practice. The conditions, mode and procedures related to implementation of development programmes are regulated by the Rule Book on lifelong education. 

A trainee participating in a programme stated in item 1 of this article does not have the status of a student, in the sense of Statute. The trainee who has completed the development programme at the University is awarded a certificate.

Life-long education, in other words officers’ military and professional development, includes four courses:
1)      Basic Command and Staff Course
2)      Command and Staff Course
3)      General Staff Course
4)      Advanced Security Studies


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