University Council


The University Council is the University governing body. The Council has 17 members, 11 of whom are elected as University representatives by the units of higher education which constitute the University: the Military Academy elects seven representatives, the MMA Faculty of Medicine elects four representative, the University Cadet Parliament elects tree members, and on behalf of the founder, the Government of the Republic of Serbia elects three members, in accordance with the law. Based on the proposal of the University Senate, the University Council adopts the University Statute, approves financial plans, adopts the business report and annual statement of accounts, adopts the plan for employment of investment funds, approves distribution of financial means, and passes the decision concerning the tuition fees. Through the Ministry of Defence, it submits the business report to the Government of the Republic of Serbia, at least once a year, enacts other general documents of the University in accordance with this Statute, approves the Statute of the higher education units constituting the University, and deals with other issues in compliance with the law and the University Statute. 


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