Quality Assurance Commission

Quality Assurance Commission is formed in order to ensure quality in creation and implementation of strategies, standards and quality assuring procedures.

 The Committee has nine members, as follows:
  1. Six members (two members from each educational-scientific field) to be elected from the University teaching staff, at the proposal of the higher education units,
  2. Two members to be elected from cadets, at the proposal of the University Cadet Parliament,
  3. One member to be elected from the non-teaching staff.
Commission’s Competences: 

-        Prepares draft quality assurance strategy and makes action plans for strategy implementation;

-        Promotes building of quality culture at the University;

-        Makes proposals concerning improvement of standards, procedures and methods for quality assessment, in accordance with the standards of the National Council for Higher Education;

-        Plans and prepares activities related to monitoring and quality control, as per the annual activity plan;

-        Considers reports on regular self-evaluation of the University and states their opinion;  

-        Submits a quality report to the Senate at least once a year;   

-        Suggests, if needed, additional self-evaluation in specific areas;   

-        Suggests external quality assessment and provides professional assistance in preparation of documents for accreditation with the authorized body;  

-        Monitors implementation of the Strategy, standards and procedures related to quality assurance and proposes measures to eliminate perceived deficiencies in order to improve quality;

-        Forms working bodies;

-        Passes general documents within its authority, states opinions and makes recommendations;

-        Performs other activities aimed at improving and development of the quality of study programmes, teaching process and working conditions.


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