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University of Defence is an independent institution of higher education, which is active in the field of higher education, providing academic studies of the first, second and third level in a number of academic disciplines within educational and scientific fields of studies in social sciences and humanities, engineering and technology, and medical sciences. Within the scope of the activities related to higher education, the University does scientific and research work through fundamental, applied and development research aimed at the enhancement and modernization of education in the defence system. The University was established by virtue of the Decision 05 No. 612-1204/2011, passed by the Government of the Republic of Serbia on 24th February 2011. It operates using the means that are considered the state property.

The University integrates functions of higher education units being its integral part in such a way that it pursues a unique policy whose goal is to improve the field of higher education by raising standards of the teaching process, encouraging professional development of younger researches and scientists, introducing cadets into research and scientific work, and creating the conditions suitable for the operation and development of the University.

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